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Travis says he started tattooing very soon. After the promise he had made to his mother he had decided to be a musician and the thing to his father was not much liked and he had thrown him out of the house. Obviously it was not an easy thing and he did all sorts of work starting from the sweeper to be able to maintain himself and crown his dream. Whenever he had the chance, he would make a tattoo in a visible place, so that this would make it more difficult for him to find a “conventional” job.

He says: “At that time I started getting many tattoos in places that would have killed my chances of finding a” normal “job. I didn’t want a plan B. I wanted to hit plan B out of my life. ”


  • Barker runs a skate/streetwear clothing company, the Famous Stars And Straps which he founded in 1999, and a vegan restaurant in Norco (California).
  • It is he who plays the drums on the album “The best damn thing” by Avril Lavigne, he is left-handed (despite a right-handed sound) and has created a line of shoes and hats of the DC Shoe company which he named DC Travis Barker Remix.
  • In the years when he was a drum teacher, he had among his students Ilan Rubin, current drummer of Nine Inch Nails.
  • He practices every day at least an hour a day and does at least an hour of cardio fitness every day and runs for 7 miles.
  • He doesn’t want to play the double bass but he thinks he’s a single pedal drummer. He often plays with Aaron Spears, Eric Moore, and George McCurdy and admitted he learned a great deal from them.
  • In 2008 he was involved in a serious plane crash in South Carolina where 4 people died including his assistant and he suffered burns on 65% of the body. After that time he no longer takes planes but only buses and ships to get around during Blink 182’s tours. This left him with a profound trauma leading him to alcohol and drug abuse, not even helped by his friend DJ AM’s premature overdose death (he also survived the plane crash).
  • For some years all these events have been told in his autobiography “CAN I SAY” in which he for the first time told of having thought of suicide many times and of having even offered a million dollars to those who killed him:

“I had lost friends, I was immobilized in bed and my children at school were drawing up air accidents. I wanted to end it, I thought of assisted suicide and I came to offer a million dollars to those who wanted to propose themselves as my killer. But no one accepted »


Travis Barker uses OCDP batteries:

  • 12 × 7 ″ Tom
  • 16 × 14 ″ Tympanum
  • 22 × 20 ″ Case
  • 14 × 6.5 ″ Steel or brass OCDP snare drum
  • 6 × 10 ″ Auxiliary snare drum

Zildjian dishes that vary greatly depending on the projects and collaborations:

  • 14 ″ A Quick Beat Hi-Hat
  • 18 ″ A Custom Crash
  • 16 ″ A Custom Crash + Splash Series K (stack)
  • 20 ″ A Custom Crash
  • 21 ″ or 23 ″ A Sweet Ride (Brilliant)
  • 20 ″ FX Oriental China Trash
  • 19 ″ A Custom Crash

REMO leather and customized Zildjian drumsticks Travis Barker Signature Drumsticks (white color, but the black color variant is available on the market).


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