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The periods in which I feel inspired go much faster despite having the same commitments as ever. I cut more time, I make it better, I enjoy it more.

So watch online videos, change musical genres, go-to musical instrument stores, real ones, close those websites with offers and with all those reviews that you don’t even know who wrote them and go there, try the tools, talk to the seller, go to the drum-clinic, meet other drummers.

This is what makes the difference, believe me, not the extra 10 minutes alone with the same method you played 4 years ago.

If you haven’t finished it in 4 years, change it even if you’re halfway through. No one will know and no one will be offended.


It is another of the “top” excuses used by those who have not played for a long time. The locals no longer play the bands, only the DJs play, only the cover-bands play, etc.

All true, no doubt about it, the locals have expenses to make the groups play, the DJs work more because they are leaner also in terms of budget and logistic management of the evening, and the cover-bands have more space in programming, statistically calling more people.

… have fun while you study!

Equally true, but I don’t think they are good reasons not to play drums. The study of the instrument can be really fun and motivating even if done by yourself, playing above the ground or giving yourself goals to stimulate yourself.

Today then with a sustainable expense you can have microphones, cameras and a couple of spotlights, sufficient equipment to recover, see each other again and maybe post it all online, on your social media to stimulate discussions, ask for opinions and have the opportunity to meet with other musicians. Everything can be an excellent source of promotion if you are looking for a band or place to play.


The rehearsals are a really unique moment for me, especially if the other musicians are friends, as often happens. The fun of playing whatever you want, of creating or recreating songs is the basis of being a musician. It is a bit like enjoying the journey waiting for the destination, then obviously the concert is always a great moment but it should not be an obsession.

The same speech of recovering while playing alone can apply to the band. You can make demos, live video clips, direct Facebook and post them online. If you are a good band and have a good following, the locals will contact you.

The opportunities are then even better if the band has spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room and has had a good run in the lineup. The venue, the party in the square, the waterfront chalet, the bar, the graduation party, the wedding…. There are many occasions to propose one’s own music and sometimes (alas) there is a bit to be satisfied, especially of the cachet.


In conclusion, I simply want to say that the difficulties related to the practice of a hobby are often the same for everyone, but striving to overcome them is already part of the hobby and the satisfaction of having succeeded will be priceless.

The hours of the day are 24, the spaces are those, the money they make at the end of the month is never many, but with a little passion and a lot of imagination you can continue to dream a little.

Of reasons to stop playing obviously if there would be many, we are not naive, but from today with a little sacrifice, we can remedy at least these 5.


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April 2021