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These are all alternatives to playing with a full volume rendering. I recommend low volume dishes like the Zildjian Low Volume to be combined with an electronic drum kit. Having a real answer as possible while playing the cymbals is a great advantage in the studio, both from the point of view of the response on the stick and also in order not to bring down the level of realism and fun too low. If then they are put together with a battery equipped with mesh skins (perhaps with triggers), you can have almost a definitive solution.

Among the various compromises, the TOP is the low-volume mesh and flat skins!

If you have no problems with space and budget, there are already soundproof boxes ready, or there are also ways to soundproof garages, garages, cellars, lofts, etc. with DIY. Everyone then has his situation and his needs, but the way is found.

I just want it.


Obviously the economic discourse is closely linked to your financial situation, but the cost of the equipment needed to play has decreased considerably in recent years.

When I was little more than a child (I was 13), I used the money I had collected for confirmation to buy my first complete drumset.

Very cheap battery, with hardware that only bent to look at it, not to mention the dishes, really bad.

Cost? 1 million and 200 thousand lire. I may not have found the most honest seller in Italy, but the figures were those.


Today with € 500 you can buy a brand battery (more resellable than mine) composed of 5 drums, including hardware and dishes. Maybe they are from Basswood or Poplar, but who cares, they are often batteries that sound very good and to start are fine.

And if you have someone who advises you, maybe a friendly drummer, you can also explore the used world, where you can do good business. For heaven’s sake, they’re not really peanuts, but if you think about it it’s less than the price that anyone would spend for a smartphone or a console now.

If your passion is drums, with the prices we are, just think that any hobby has costs, imagine those who are passionate about motorcycles, modeling, any sport … they bring economic sacrifices too.

If a person is very determined and decides to start taking private lessons and studying on the pad immediately, the initial costs are drastically reduced, allowing him to go and choose a battery when he is already aware of what he really needs, and how much he likes the instrument.


I also fully understand this point. Work. Family. Friends from time to time. Where were you. Obligations. Fatigue. Elderly parents.

The advice that Russ Miller gives his online students is to divide the study time into 3 parts .


In the first part, he recommends putting on headphones and playing over some songs that amuse them, taking time to have fun, to relax, to isolate themselves a little from the stress of everyday life. This for about 15 minutes.


After 30 minutes of studying the lesson or the exercises they have to do, they leave the mobile phone, TV, internet, etc … half an hour, it can be done.

At this time, taking note of your progress is important because getting organized and having clear goals and progress you make is a great way to keep your concentration high.


In the third part, 15 minutes still playing the whole drums, maybe having fun with solos or with created things. This is to finish the study with positive thoughts and not leave thinking about having to go back the next day to do those difficult technical exercises.

Divide the study into 3 parts and end with a fun part.

It will help you feel like playing again!

Probably someone can say that they don’t have an hour to study. It is probable, an hour a day when you are adults it is very difficult to get it, but maybe a couple of times a week you can succeed and if used with diligence and concentration can give great results.

The main problem of the lack of improvements is not the time, it’s the ego !!

(says, Russ Miller).

Relaxing mentally is important, giving oneself small and constant goals instead of big and impossible goals helps a lot. Attending the right environments is just as important.


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