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Being a professional drummer or simply earn playing drums is not the goal of every drummer, but for some, it can be a choice stimulant. There are many drummers who have spent years studying, they have cut their teeth on the premises, they have spent hours in the studio and they have gained experience in teaching.

They have therefore made all the classic path that leads anyone who starts playing an instrument to have the necessary experience to try to do that extra step, which many dream of. Be a professional drummer.

Let’s say right away that it’s not easy. When you get to be in a position where you can ask for money, the cynical answers of those facing you also begin to arrive.

I state that, as a drummer, I perfectly understand this need, especially from those who have trained themselves, studied and gained experience in the field. It is a legitimate request, just like those who study and train as an engineer, teacher, plumber and so on, but often, especially in our country, the musician, unless he is placed in “institutional” environments, is seen as an eternal hobbyist, one to ask a favor or repay with the famous ” visibility “. What if he says no? They call another one, they are all the same.

Obviously nothing more wrong.

I collected experiences from various drummers, Italians and not including mine and I took the contact points and the advice. Obviously, I left out the technical part of the thing, taking for granted that the level of preparation to be a “paid” musician must be very good.

Let’s see what came out of it:


It will probably seem like the dumbest advice ever heard and you are about to close the page, but wait a moment. It is not so obvious and banal, indeed it is the most important advice.

Being a pleasant person is as important as being a good musician. If people do not want to be near you, they will not want to spend time with you in the studio or in the rehearsal room, and consequently, the work will pass to another drummer.


Being a pleasant person means taking care of yourself and dealing with people, leaving out personal problems and the most intrusive vices. It is very common for a job to pass to a more professional drummer rather than a technically better one, because if it comes to being on tour altogether and sharing vans, rooms, etc … doing ” locker room ” is often considered more important than many super-technical skills, which are less demanded than one might think.


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April 2021