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And ‘ obviously you say, a drummer talks about time! Of course, but not the time intended as BPM, but time as a quantity of time to devote to practice and study. And unfortunately I too am not immune to these speeches, I often talk about them, I often get angry at them, but the reality is that they are like all drummers, COMMITTED!

We are all busy!

I have a family (he has just reached us another little one ….), Work, teach, sound, produce videos, I make photographs, pages I manage social, sites internet, and I write the post … .so you understand me because if you’re reading this page, you probably have the same problems as me. I absolutely need the time spent studying the battery to be organized and productive. As much as I dream of having 8 hours a day to play, unfortunately, there is no possibility in the world that I can do it.

Like everyone else.

..just a little time and well organized.

But calm because the good news is that you don’t need 8 hours a day to see real progress, the important thing is that you manage to organize your time and avoid distractions. To help me in my daily practice, I gradually discovered various tools, some free and some not, which greatly improved the quality of the study. What you need then is not a huge amount of time and who knows what expensive object, but a series of small tricks that make you get off the stool with the conviction of having made progress and not make you feel guilty about everything else of the day.

Obviously these are the tools I use and not the only ones available. Some others I have tried and they have not convinced me, others surely do not know them and you are absolutely free (indeed I invite you to do so) to report them.


Needless to turn around, you are a drummer and sooner or later you will have to deal with a metronome. It may not become (I hope) your new religion, but practicing the metronome is very, very useful.

Now, when I started playing, mobile phones were a thing for a few (certainly not for a twelve-year-old without a penny like me) and those who were there didn’t have the ability to contain a metronome within them.

Pro Metronome useful for studying the battery

The choices were obligatory. By removing those who insisted on using the classic metronome with the bar that swayed risking madness, most were forced to buy small stations that also served as metronomes.

I took the opportunity to buy a mini sequencer, the Zoom RhythmTrack RT-123 where I could also create my own presets, change the sounds and create bass lines for me. The functions have been very useful over time, but some things were not at all intuitive and to study I could easily use only the metronome. Something not to forget I had spent a sum close to 100,000 lire.

There is no reason not to have an app with a metronome on your phone.

Today everything is much simpler but above all much cheaper. Today there are apps to study the battery! No tools to carry around, nothing to feed and nothing complicated to set. An app is always on the phone and is programmed in a really simple way.

What I currently use is Pro Metronome. This is the link for Android and this for iOS. The app is FREE and has all the necessary features for the study.

Another app is Polynome, very complete and with lots of features to create playlists and programmable rhythms, but it is paid. You can find it at this link.


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