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Training pad to study the battery

I certainly don’t find out, the training pad is very useful for practicing and studying the drums, especially if you don’t want to make a lot of noise. On support, above the snare drum or on the sofa, place it where you want but use it for everything concerning the technique of the hands and the rudiments.

a pad is a must for every drummer

There are a thousand models, sizes and brands. Without offending anyone, I use the 12 ″ pad for Evans’ house and the smaller 6 ″ Vic Firth while I’m out and about.

Obviously they are all very similar and you can choose the one you like best. Attention to size, smaller ones are more comfortable to carry but less stable if they are supported and not fixed to a support.


I know you are thinking that writing a score during the study is not necessary. It could be, but how many times during the study do you get ideas, fills, times and would you like to write them so as not to forget them. Of course, you can do it with pen and paper, but then it could be useful to digitize them to keep them on the computer or to share them online. Maybe over time, you could collect them in your own method. You never know.

I did it and I used a program truly comprehensive and above all totally FREE.

Muscescore great for studying the battery

The program in question is Musescore and is found for both Windows and Mac. It is an open-source and continuously updated program. It is light and there are many resources online, such as forums and videos that help you learn how to use it. Personally I use it to write the pages of the exercises and all the scores that you find on this site. It is very complete and suitable for all instruments even with a complex score.

learning to use one of these programs will surely come in handy

If you want something leaner and more immediate, you can use Groove Scribe an online software (you don’t have to download anything) with which you can write simple drum scores and download the related .pdf. It is part of the site of American teacher Mike Johnston and is a very useful resource that I use when I need to write just a quick thing, like a long time for my students.

I recorded a video tutorial to learn how to use Groove Scribe very easily and in just 10 minutes.


While studying the songs there may be a need to perform them slower, either because the fill is too fast or because you are learning it to a student who needs to understand some points well. How many times are you ready to start and…the song starts too fast and you can’t keep up with it?

If you work with a PC, you can install one of the many programs of audio processing. I often use Audacity, light, fast to learn and above all.

Do you want the thing even more streamlined? Maybe on your iPhone?

have fun playing over the songs!

Well, you can use Anytune.

Anytune is available in a free version for iPhone, in Pro version always for iPhone but for a fee and also for Mac, also for a fee. I believe that at the moment there is not yet a version for Windows, but from what I read they are working on it.

I recommend this app because there is also the possibility of taking Reframe which is an application in addition to Anytune where you can remove the battery in order to have nice songs ready to play on.

Aaahhh … the technology !!!


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