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You have an app with the metronome on your phone = you need headphones to hear it.

You play the battery and the earphones supplied are not enough, you have to get yourself something that isolates the sound well and allows you not to have volumes that over time will cause you problems.

The solutions are in-ear (earphones) or classic headphones.

Earphones or headphones?

I personally use both solutions for the study. As for the earphones I use Shure, but it is a choice due to the randomness of having tried them and having found them suited to my needs. There are many other brands that do their best work.

Shure SE535

I use the Shure e215 to study the battery. They have excellent insulation and do not bother me at the ear. They are the basic model of the series, but to study they are fine. I also have the Shure SE535s which I use to record and live. Alternatively, for situations, a bit ‘more “war” also uses the classic headphones of Vic Firth that guarantee me good insulation and large resistance. Between the two personally I prefer the earphones because the headband of the classic headphones, whatever their brand, in the long run, annoys me in the head.

If those seen so far are a bit too expensive for your tastes, I want to tell you about the earphones I have used for many years with great satisfaction, the Koss PLUG.

you can have a good result even spending little.

I guarantee you that for what they cost ( less than € 20 ) you will not find better. Obviously the difference with the headphones that cost at least 5 times as much is there, we don’t say nonsense, but for the study, they can go very well. They isolate and have good bass. Personally I’ve done dozens of lives, without problems.


You will think, “What do I do with a cell phone support while I study the battery?”

I’ll answer you right away. When you study, at whatever level you are, registering and reviewing yourself is a fundamental thing and learning to be critical of yourself is very important.

small tools for a great utility!

Mobile phone support

There are those who use GoPro, the Reflex cameras, but to recover at home there is no need to buy anything, we already have a mobile phone that does everything we need. Obviously a cell phone can be a great support to study the battery and can do much more than the record.

Del metronome I’ve already told you, you can see the video, go on sites where to find exercises, etc … but often my problem was where to place it. I ended up tying it with tape on the lectern or on a rod or resting it on the tympanum, with really disastrous results. So I found this adapter, which solved the problem for less than € 8. It can be fixed on any easel and you’re done. No stability problems, no tape to detach and hang up. A but it was very convenient.


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