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Registering while playing is not just an act of vanity. It’s not just about sharing on social media to get likes. Registering means reviewing oneself and seeing oneself means having the opportunity to correct one’s mistakes, develop a spirit of self-criticism, improve posture and sound.

Seeing yourself playing from outside is really very important to correct mistakes because you are the worst critic that can happen to you!

By now there is affordable equipment to do it, you can find some ideas.


It is a journey along with this that involves every musician (every man) and that is difficult to deal with. Preconception exists, there is little to do. Especially at the beginning of your musical adventure when you go to buy a plate, leather, the mechanics, the same battery. There is the conditioning of the Youtube video, of the advertising, of the brand, of the desire to go and play with that logo on the skin of the case.

But it also exists towards musical genres, towards bands. We become part of a “tribe” that has our own tastes and we defend our belonging to this group, showing resistance to change our opinions.

Do what you like, break the mold

My advice is: listen with your ears !!

Do blind-tests with the instruments (hear them play without seeing them, maybe blindfold your eyes while you try pedals for the case) and choose through your taste.

You will find yourself buying something not because you have read that it sounds good, but because you think it sounds good. Fantastic!

Give chances to all kinds of music, you can learn some beautiful fills by listening to the Dave Matthews Band, the basics applied to drums listening to Blink 182, discovering how splashes are played while listening to Porcupine Tree, a great groove listening to a John Mayer live or the beauty of a unique touch by listening to the Weather Report. And there are thousands of other examples, from jazz to metal do not preclude anything. Listen, then judge.

Open your eyes and ears and the way you play the drums will benefit greatly!


The speech is very simple: You are playing because you like it. Keep it up, don’t get into situations that could lead you to get tired of the battery. Do not do it. At least not right away. There is time to think about the profession and compromises.

Don’t start thinking about being a professional right away

At first, it sounds to have fun and experience how and what you want, no matter the age. Imitate your favorite drummer if you enjoy doing it, try to be original if you are a creative person. Arrange the battery as you like and the more comfortable you are and always play looking for fun, the rest is secondary.


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February 2021