How Starting a New Business Saved My Life 🙏

How Starting a New Business Saved My Life 🙏

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Remember when Apple first put out a gold colored iPhone back in 2013? Everybody went crazy for it. People stood in lines and put themselves on waiting lists just to get this color; gold.


I actually never was able to get the gold one since it sold out like crazy. But that feeling always stuck with me and my sister and I even have a little joke between us. Whenever we have the chance to choose a color, we say “iPhone Gold!”

It’s the best one. ‘Gimme the gold one!

I’ve always loved gold. Even when I was a kid, and the cool thing was silver and gold was for “old people” I still secretly loved gold. When I was younger, it was cute to have brass or plated jewelry for girls masquerading as gold.

But now in my 30’s I want to be a respectable woman. How funny that I would think like a child even now and not give myself the real thing.

I still want that iPhone gold.

You what it means. It’s everything that’s the best. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a mentality. But for some reason I kept myself out of reach of it. Not just jewelry. Everything. For some reason I kept everything worth something out of my own reach.

Like I wasn’t deserving. What did I have to do for me to deserve it?

When I started to learn about gold as an element, as an investment, even it’s history, I was surprised because I began to uncover new truths and connections about myself too.

You have to find gold. Then mine it. Then process it along with other metals so that it can be molded and formed into something. There’s this scale we have created to denote how pure it is. I’ve uncovered that gold is just like me. Valued. Soft at it purest, but powerfully conductive and universally powerful in society, fashion, global cultures and currency. And yet, when you physically leave this earth, you’ll have something valuable and timeless that you can pass on in your legacy.

And with that, what was once a little joke between sisters, is not my whole perspective on life.

Meg Le Vu

Please let us know if you’d like to be notified when we launch:

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