How I’m hiring A-players for my wedding photography business

How I'm hiring A-players for my wedding photography business

I made two videos to help screen applicants to find my A-player.
I recorded it in a manner that I thought said everything I needed to say without being too funny or too degrading. here’s a sneak peek.

When I asked kevin to watch it and give me a review, he said the content was very good, but basically boring and too strict. “Don’t you want to attract fun people?” shouldn’t there be entertaining video edits and cuts.

1. I was defensive.
2. then I decided to screw it and just do text instead of video.
3. then he was like, well you made it already, just send it out.
4. I was aight.

Then the same night, they did watch it and answer my questionnaire.

I have a sneaking suspicion that BC Im a female and audience is more likely to pay more attention if I act more girly and not aggressively masculine in the way I deliver my messages. I have super RBF and it’s prolly a turnoff.

Like if a dude were to make a video without being peppy or “entertaining” would be just fine. He’s just being serious. Not “bossy” or bitchy.

So get this…a new series about life’s little lessons for the small business owner and professional stay at home-r.

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