How to Be A Great Host with Matt Marr on Get in the Lab

how to be a great host with matt marr get in the lab with meg le vu

In this episode of Get in the Lab I talk to Matt Marr and we talk about how to be a great host.

This interview took place in Chicago during our stay for Podcast Movement 2016. I connected with Matt on Twitter @themattmarr and we scheduled a quick chat for the show and also his show, The Dear Mattie Show.

In this episode:

  • Delivery of your content
  • We have the choice to look at things through a humorous lens
  • Defining what it means to be a host
  • Borrowing hope
  • “Don’t try to be funny”
  • Lead with curiosity
  • Narrative therapy
  • Wonder Woman
  • Public Narrative Technique – Marshall Ganz
  • How to be a better host
  • Camp Brave Trails

Talk to Mattie

fuck upAll the socials: @themattmarr

Dear Mattie Show

Regarding the announcement on the show:

Season 5 of Get in the Lab will be the last season. Get in the Lab LIVE has been cancelled. I’m leaving the podcasting rat race. 🙂

Behind the hustle vlogs will continue and I’ll finish out this year, but will be pivoting my focus and energy into other entrepreneurial ventures.

Good things,

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