The Final Season Finale – Everything you want is possible

The Final Season Finale - Everything you want is possible

I say this to myself and wonder if it also limits me.

I wonder about quitting to soon on something and fear if closing the show, pursuing this work just needs more time.

Yes, of course I have doubt. And then I come back to the feeling of abundance. That feeling and rational sense of being where I’m supposed to be.

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Everything you want is possible

In this final episode of Get in the Lab, I put some final thoughts on the whole experience and it’s probably incomplete. I don’t think I’ll be able to say everything, but it’s a great place to end it.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to say to yourself “this is it” this is what I’m made for. In fact, if you can say that for yourself at least once, then you know you’re on your path.

The Final Season Finale - Everything you want is possible

Finding that more than once is an incredible thing. To feel stuck and to feel limited not only kills your spirit, but can spiral and become a sneaky habit that becomes the norm.

For a long time, I had also had headaches, pressure in head and around my eyes when I woke up and just now, I’m learning about what that pain actually was.

I have a common condition called chronic rhinosinusitis. It’s where your sinuses are inflamed and swollen for more than 12 weeks. For me it had been years.

I just thought it was just another issue I had and dealt with the pain. A constant hum of pressure couples by bouts of migraines and other symptoms I know realize were related.

You see, if we’re unaware or never ask the question of ourselves, how will we know what kind of life we want. It takes a bit of experimentation, a bit of falling down to even know what you want.

The moment you realize what is possible and you’re willing to do the work and fight for those possibilities, suddenly decisions and clarity finds you.

It comes in waves, because sometime we forget to listen or ask ourselves. We feel obligated everyday to answer the call of our superiors (or rather who we think is superior to our wants). We feel obligated to uphold whatever image we’ve built up in social media or in our own heads.

When you remember to listen and trust your own experience and understanding of what this life can offer you, then saying no to things you don’t want to do will come easier and more opportunities to do what you love become available.

Funny thing, but it’s all true. You can start to make your life better right now, with small tweaks, adjustments in your framing of the world and whatever your circumstance.

This isn’t just thinking positive or buying a journal and writing down all your goals. I’m talking about the rational and reasonable goals and having the courage to take the steps, however small or big to get there.

Leave the naysayers and the non-supporters to question your logic, because the vision is yours. All yours.

It’s all possible.