DIY Film Set at Home + Shopping List

I looked forever on Pinterest, Google, whatever; to be inspired by other creator’s film sets at home. It was damn-near impossible to find anything worth it.

Here’s a walkthrough of my DIY film set in my bedroom.

What’s a film set? A designated place in your home or office that is for recording video content only. It’s specifically designed and branded so that everything in the frame is consciously marketing your brand, whatever that may be.

I knew I wanted a couple of things in my set:

Good lighting (the window is great, but I also installed headlamps clamped to some shelves I picked up on Amazon) I’m going to buy daylight balanced light bulbs soon (not featured)

A clean backdrop: textured wallpaper from Target in a grey color was fantastic and reposition-able if I made a mistake (I made many, but you can’t tell

Greenery: plants make any set and any home more well, homey!

Brand: I saw this light-up sign at Michael’s and it was red. I was sold. I used a gold chaulk pen and free-handed the logo

And that’s it! The shot looks like the screen capture in the corner. Depending on which lens I use it’s pretty versatile.

Clamp lamp

I wouldn’t get these lamps unless you have tall ceilings. As you can see I took apart the arm to fit it. So I’d recommend a clamp lamp like this:

Clamp light

Floating shelves

Chalk pen


Wallpaper from target $34
Light up sign $30 from Michael’s (couldn’t find it online)
Fake greenery 2.49 each about 8 of them wrapped with plant wire around cord $1.90 (also couldn’t find, but here’s a similar one)

I got a deal on most things, and I knew that it would be an investment. But that’s what I want; I want to invest in my content so that people will invest in me too.


As you place things on the wall or commit to any placement, set up your camera and check your shot! Make sure everything lines up the way you want it to. Throughout the construction, I checked my work with live working shots or video tests of what the composition looked like.

Final image:



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