Build a Business Strategy Around Your Passion

Build a Business Strategy Around Your Passion with Tamara Thompson on Get in the Lab
In this episode of Get in the Lab, I talk to Tamara Thompson from Serious Take Productions and talk about how to build a business strategy around your passion.
Tamara has gone through quite a bit of schooling and passion projects to finally nail down her passion into business model. She make video just like me, but is formally trained and has her partner Danielle Gomez to help fill in the gaps of running managing a startup.

Topics we Cover

How to pronounce her name

Why she moved her business from Seattle to Orange County

Why she targeted podcasters
The documentary film she created called Inspired by 11
How she built her team
How she ended up in video production
Her background in the fitness industry
How she built her systems
We talk about her beginnings and market strategy as she was based in Seattle, but found her core market in California, namely Orange County. My town!
I’m so glad that I was able to catch her between her busy schedule of working with some our shared industry leaders like John Lee Dumas, Thrive, and Shark Tank’s Michael Parrish.
Beyond her impressive resume, Tamara and Danielle has developed a strong market strategy for creating a business that no longer feels like a freelancer job; something I am very much interested in transitioning out of.
Their strategic management of their growing team and their humble and giving attitude make for a winning combo in the world of online business and video marketing.
We all have something to learn from them and I’m so happy to present this interview to you from the Lab in our very own studio of Downtown Fullerton.
Check out their youtube channel:
Check out their site:
Check out their film Inspired by 11:

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