B2CVEDA – Beginner to Creator VEDA – Join Us!

Whaddup you (vlogging) Lab Rats,

It’s VEDA (vlog every day in April/August) time! This time, my friend Natalie and I are hosting. That means that we come up with some topics for YOU to vlog about everyday in the month of April to encourage you to start vlogging and discover an incredible community.

B2CVEDA = Beginner to Creator


You guys know how much I love video, VEDA is where I really started to develop my voice and presence that you see today. It’s all practice, nothing is natural for me. It’s a great place to start making video if you want to incorporate it into your branding and marketing scheme online.



How it works:

Register below
When April starts create a vlog answering the topic question and tag your video #B2CVEDA so other vloggers can discover you
Learn + Make Friends + Have fun 🙂



About Meg Le Vu

When I'm not writing, making videos or other online content I enjoy climbing, getting lost in the latest video game or cooking at home. I love the climb in business and life.

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