From $100 to $1 Million on Amazon with Brad DeGraw

how make money on amazon with brad degraw and meg le vu

This guy is the Amazon Sherpa, Brad DeGraw

Brad has a very successful private label business and using Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon)

Brad has 3 ways in which he makes money:

  1. Selling products that have been manufactured
  2. Teaching
  3. Done for you service

Brad has a program called Amazon Alliance which you can check out if you need a sherpa.

Otherwise, listen to this:

  • The difference between Amazon Affiliates and Amazon FBA
  • How to get started selling products on Amazon
  • What if a product gets lost?
  • What is private labeling?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How to pick your products
  • How to pick your market: Problem, Fantasy, Desire
  • Smaller products is better
  • $20-200 is the sweet spot
  • How to manage teams over skype
  • Asana as manager tool
  • What is a great Amazon Listing?
  • Tracking and conversion management
  • Private labeling secrets
  • “There’s no harm to being second to market”
  • How to negotiate with suppliers
  • If you have $5,000 you can do 5 products
  • Where is most of the work?
  • Nail the research
  • Know your market
  • How to find your supplier?
    • “How do I pay you?”
    • “what’s your turnaround time” between money and product
    • “what’s a reasonable first order?”
  • Red flags when talking with suppliers
  • Including Lifestyle Images in the amazon listing
  • Is passion needed to do this?
  • “let the data guide you”
  • Google trends is a great tool
  • How to research:
  • How to research from scratch: walking through a magazine section
  • Always ask why?

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